Workshops & Parties

Candle Making & Decorating Workshops


Leah of Lethal Lites Candles will share her knowledge of candle making and decoration. As a candle crafting expert, she will walk you through the candle-making process, including how to: 


Understand Wax Characteristics and Choose the Correct Wick for the Size of the Vessel.


Wax Characteristics: Different types of wax, such as soy, paraffin, beeswax, or a blend, have varying characteristics that can affect the burning properties and performance of the candle.

Consider factors like melting point, fragrance load capacity, and burn time when selecting a wax.

Wick Selection: The size and type of wick you choose will depend on the diameter of the

vessel or container.


Preparing the Vessel and Setting Wicks Based on the Size of the Container: Secure and align the wick.


Understanding Fragrance Loads: Fragrance load refers to the amount of fragrance oil used in relation to the amount of wax in a candle.


Exploring the Use of Colour and/or Shimmery Mica (Optional): Colourants.


Measuring, Melting, and Maintaining: Each type of wax has a recommended pouring temperature range. Learn how to properly measure, melt and maintain the appropriate temperature.


Correctly Pouring, Cooling and Curing: Please allow at least one hour for the cure to take effect.


You can bring: your own vintage or unique vessels to pour your candle in. Examples include two teacups, vintage art glass or Japanese teacups. If you cannot find the right one from home, there will be vessels to purchase. You can buy candles that are pre-made as well as additional vessels to pour into. 


Additionally, you will learn to troubleshoot common issues that may happen due to incorrect wax temp, wick size, and more.


Leah will also provide her renowned wax moulds and pressed flowers for candle decoration.


** You will need to wait approx. one hour for the candles to cure before they can be decorated. There are multiple options available for you to choose from. You can take a refreshing walk, enjoy a cup of coffee, or explore the wonderful art gallery.


If you prefer, you can also choose to leave the candles at the store and collect them at a more suitable time for you.** 


Before you leave, we will provide you with wax decorations and pressed flowers that can be easily added at home using a hair dryer. We will ensure that we have covered all the necessary details before you depart.


Cost is $79.99per person and you come away with two great candles.





Decorate and Customize Your Own Candle Party


With this option, Leah would bring a variety of pre-made soy wax candles, her hand made wax moulds and pressed flowers. There will be trays of moulds available for the taking. Great designs such as, handmade wax moulds of mini succulents, cacti and flowers. Plus, fun themed moulds, for example, mermaid tails, koi fish, seashells, flowers, and summer fun things like flip flops, flamingos and fruit. 

Once the candles have been chosen, you lay out your design and then we heat up the wax and attach the moulds. 

The same thing can be done with pressed flowers. 


If you are working with a school or office budget, we can build a package based on how many people will be attending. Whether it’s 10 kids for a 13th B-day party or 30 volunteers at their appreciation party, there will be loads of unique creations made to carry home after.


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