Candle Workshops & Classes

Candle Classes

How They Work...


Leah of Lethal Lites Candles will share her knowledge of candle making and decoration. As a candle crafting expert, she will walk you through the candle making process, including how to:

  • Understand wax characteristics and choose the correct wick for the wax and size of vessel
  • How to prepare vessel and set wicks
  • Understand fragrance loads of oil vs wax
  • Use of colour and/or shimmery mica (optional) 
  • Melt and pour candle wax

You will need to bring the following items:

  • TWO of your own vintage or unique vessels (up to 16oz ) to pour your candle in. Examples include, two teacups, vintage art glass or 2-3 Japanese teacups. Message us for ideas.
  • vessels available for purchase for a small fee

Additionally, you will learn to troubleshoot common issues that may happen due to incorrect wax temp, wick size, and more. 

We can email you the course notes and common class FAQ's.

Leah will bring her famous wax moulds as well as hand pressed flowers for decorating your candles. 

Costs are $79.99 per person which includes TWO 8oz candles.  Classes will be 2.5 hours which includes curing for up to 30 mins. Class time differs based on the amount of guest.


Decorate Your Own Candle Parties

How They Work...

For the Decorate Your Own Candle parties, Leah would bring a variety of pre-made soy wax candles, handmade wax mould embeds and pressed flowers.

Premade soy mould embeds, include succulents, cacti, and themed designs (such as Easter, Birthday, and Christmas).

  • mermaid tails 
  • koi fish
  • sea shells
  • flowers
  • fairies
  • unicorns
  • space - robots, space ships
  • celestial
  • horoscopes, birthday, taro
  • cats & dog themed
  • and more...

Once the candles have been chosen, each person would lay out their design on the sheet provided. It will give you an idea of how many and what types of moulds are needed. A quick heat up of the top of the wax and attach the moulds. 

The same thing can be done with pressed flowers. 



Kids parties are also available with different packages based on the number of guests. For example, the $200 package will provide premade soy candles for 10 kids and a tray of pre-made wax embeds in chosen theme- such as Under the Sea/ Mermaids, Space and Birthday. 


Prices will vary based on number of guest and candle size chosen and addition of activities.


Additionally, pouring and demoulding wax embeds is another fun activity offered.  Discover how to make wax embeds in this beginner-friendly workshop, using silicone moulds. We bring a variety of moulds and coloured soy wax for the kids to try. They would carefully pour the wax into your silicone molds, filling each cavity to the top of each mold without going over. 

The kids have a chance to see the effort and precision needed to create great wax decorations. 

Demoulding delicate wax projects can be tricky. The most difficult trick is waiting for the wax to completely cool before attempting to remove from container. We teach other tricks to prevent breakage during the demoulding process and explain that patience is key.


 Soy candle with Daisy Flower & Bees Embeds

Party Options 

Real Feather & Tinsel Hair Extensions

Attaching Feathers with Beads - Process

We will part your hair the way you normally do and pick out a small section of hair that's thin enough to fit through your silicone bead in the area where you want the feathers. We will pick it up from underneath the top layer, so that the top layer of your hair will hide the bead and the tip of the feather from view.

For a subtler, more mature look, pick a lock toward the bottom and back or side of your head. This way it will peek out when you move or turn your head, but you can pull it back if you need to for more formal settings.

We will slip bead on hook, pull hair through and situate the bead about 12 inch from your scalp and slip feather through bead. Clamp the bead to make sure it's tightly in place. Let your hair fall into place and style it as normal.

To remove the feather, just use your pliers to crimp the bead in the opposite direction, so that it opens back up and slips easily out of your hair.

Cost 3 feathers for $20 includes bead, feather 

Hair Tinsel 5 for $20



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