Candle Classes & Workshops

Decorate Your Own Candle Parties

How They Work...

For the Decorate Your Own Candle parties, Leah would bring a variety of pre-made soy wax candles, handmade wax moulds and pressed flowers.

She makes wax moulds of mini succulents, cacti and flowers. Plus fun themed moulds like:

  • mermaid tails 
  • koi fish
  • sea shells
  • flowers
  • flip flops
  • flamingos
  • fruit 
  • and more...

Once the candles have been chosen, each person would lay out their design and then heat up the wax and attach the moulds. 

The same thing can be done with pressed flowers. 


This party can be set at prices that fit any budget. With 16+ people, this party starts at $50 per person (*prices may vary depending on candle options and additional requests)

Kids parties are also available with different packages based on price.


For example, the $200 package will provide small premade soy candles for 8-10 kids and a tray of pre-made wax mould styles to add - such as Mermaids theme, cactus and flower theme or Halloween.  


Lastly, Leah also has beautiful feather hair extensions that can be added to the party offerings. 


Thanks for considering Lethal Lites Candles parties. We like to have fun and we are flexible when it comes to booking an event. We want to make it a party to remember!




Candle Classes

How They Work...


Leah of Lethal Lites Candles will share her knowledge of candle making and decoration. As a candle crafting expert, she will walk you through the candle making process, including how to:

  • Understand wax characteristics and choose the correct wick for the wax and size of vessel
  • How to prepare vessel and set wicks
  • Understand fragrance loads and use the correct percentage
  • Use of colour and/or shimmery mica (optional) 
  • Melt and pour candle wax

You will need to bring the following items:

  • 2 of your own vintage or unique vessels (up to 16oz Total) to pour your candle in. Examples include, two teacups, vintage art glass or Japanese teacups.
  • 1 vessel 8-10oz for $50

Additionally, you will learn to troubleshoot common issues that may happen due to incorrect wax temp, wick size, and more. 

You will take home a simple list of ingredients you’ll need in the future and an info sheet about with candle terminology

Leah will bring her famous wax moulds as well as pressed flowers for decorating your candles. 

Costs are $79.99 per person. Classes will be 2.5 hours which includes curing for up to 30 mins. 

Spring Break Deal

$50 per person for workshop, all supplies and decorations, 1 (8oz) candle. Class will take 1-1.5 hours depending on the number of guest. 

Small Parties are possible, message for more information.




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