Why Lethal Lites Candles?

Have you ever wondered why the name Lethal Lites Candles comes from? Well, it all begins at the riverside of Manitoba’s Red River. I was 18 and I wanted to become a DJ. So, I put on my best suit with broad shoulder pads and matching suit shorts with pleats and marched down to the office of Dance Masters. The owner took one look and me and was probably laughing his ass off. He hired me to do some UofM socials and the occasional River Boat Cruise. We were using tape cassettes- not vinyl—too many cringy things to count. As I was on my 5-6th event Dad joked to me the name DJ Lethal Leah. I would be playing Technotronics, Prince or even MJ and standing on the speakers dancing and loving it. From that moment on, I was Leth, Lethal or Leah Lover to my Dad. Eventually, the whole family came to use my nickname and it had officially stuck. The name Lethal now comes with me for various companies. Previously, I was Lethal Digital Strategy, then Lethal Lashes and now Lethal Lites Candles. Welcome to my Lethal Empire.